Do I need a passport to travel to Nicaragua? Do I need vaccinations?

You need a valid passport to travel to Nicaragua. Your passport cannot expire within 6 months of your trip date. There are no required vaccinations for travelling to Nicaragua

How do I book airfare? What airport do I fly in to?

You MUST book your airfare through our travel agent, Jeff Lewis. He charges $35 for this service, but it is extremely helpful in case of flight changes, weather delays/cancellations, etc. His contact information is below.

Jeff Lewis
V.I.P Travel Consultant, LUXE Travel
16450 Bake Parkway, Suite 100 • Irvine, CA 92618
866-575-6971 x9344 (Office)
949-242-9344 (Direct)
714-293-2767 (Cell)

What do I need to bring?

Things you’ll need to bring include: toothpaste, deodorant, Imodium AD (this is highly recommended as the style of food you will be eating is different), Pepto, Alka Seltzer, mosquito repellent. These items should be purchased before the trip and brought with you.

If you’d like to bring some blank t-shirts, we can have them screen printed at the factory with various DE-related logos and designs.

What kind of clothing and linens should I bring?

Light clothing is recommended. Sneakers and a light jacket are mandatory. There is a pool onsite, so bathing suits are needed if you plan on hopping in. There is no laundry service, so bring enough clothes to last the entire trip. You will be given fresh towels and sheets every day, so there is no need to bring these items with you.

Do I need to convert currency? How much cash should I bring?

Bring cash with you, as there are *no* ATMS. You DO NOT need to convert currency upon landing, American dollars are accepted throughout Nicaragua. The only thing you will NEED money for is the travel visa you MUST PURCHASE upon landing. The travel visa is $10 USD. Other than that, bring money for souvenirs.

There is a leather shop in town that we can go by if you guys are interested. They hand-produce belts, wallets, boots, etc. Prices are very reasonable, generally $20-30 for a belt, $10 for a wallet, and $60-100 for a pair of boots. Leave room in your bag if you plan on bringing these back, as we don’t ship from the factory to individuals.

Will my cell phone work? Who should someone call in case of emergency?

If you have a GSM-capable phone (AT&T, some Verizon), you can setup an international rate plan before leaving for Nicaragua that will allow you to talk and text while there. Cellular data is incredibly expensive ($20/MB) in Nicaragua without an international plan. It is highly recommended that you turn off cellular data on your phone upon landing. It adds up VERY quickly, sometimes even if you aren’t actively using your phone.

If you absolutely need to call the US, you can use Pedro, our tour guide’s, cell phone. You will be provided with Pedro’s phone number before your trip to give to family/friends in case of emergency.

Are the wall outlets different?

American-style plugs will be found in all rooms, so you won’t need any adapters for your chargers, blow dryers, etc.

Will WiFi be available?

There is WiFi available at the factory, but it is slow. Plan to be off the grid most of the time.

Do you guys sell cigars at the factory?

There will be no cigars sold on the trip. There are also no free boxes to take home. You will be able to take home the blends you create on your trip. All cigars during the trip are free, and there will be plenty available. There are cigars available at duty free in the Managua airport on the way out of Nicaragua, but the prices are similar to those in the U.S.

What happens if I get sick?

There is a doctor available at all times. He is just a phone call away. Please let us know if you get sick during the trip, as we can have him come look at you and get you on medication immediately.