Take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Drew Estate’s Nicaraguan Cigar Factory and begin exploring the eco-tourism of Nicaragua.

Visit our Estelí-based factory, La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, and blend your own cigars using some of our most sought-after tobaccos

To learn, explore this website, watch the videos from previous trips, view the itinerary, and more.


  • “Amazing”
    Rich F Bridgeport, Connecticut.

    It is absolutely mind blowing to see the amount of work that goes into making a cigar. The beautiful landscapes and friendly people are truly breathtaking. Don't not pass up a chance to make this trip it is out of this world.

  • “The experience of a lifetime”
    Tripp W

    Anyone who has an interest in cigars will find the experience at Cigar Safari nothing short of life changing. No matter what level of interest you have in cigars, you will find much to love, and will learn more than you ever thought you would about the country of Nicaragua.

  • “Cigar Safari is a life changing experience”
    John R

    If you even have a passing interest in cigars, the Cigar Safari will have a lasting impact on you. Not just focusing on the industry or production of cigars, Cigar Safari also allows you to experience local cuisine, as well as the history of Nicaragua and its people. I've been on 5 Safaris, and I intend to keep going every year as long as I'm able.


Cigar Safari May 24th to 27th

All Day
@ La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate
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